Ildi in America

By: Ildiko Varga

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Wednesday, 28-Nov-2007 02:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New York City 2007

Here I have finally the pics of NYC, have fun..

Sunday, 4-Nov-2007 03:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Autumn in Flo'da

Happy Halloween
where to start?
...still searching..
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Sorry, it's been a time I didnt put anything in here.
It's simply coz a bit time ago I discovered Facebook for myself and I put everything in overthere and for some reasons for a while this page didnt let me uploaden, so I was discouraged, Sorry!!!!!!!!!
I put on my NYC-pics asap promised, in meanwhile check out my autumn-october.halloween-pics
see ya folks
hugs and kisses

Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 13:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip to Washington DC, August 4th - 7th 2007

The Capitol
Beatiful view from the capitol
Me and Lincoln
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It's long ago, but finally my Foto-diary seems to work. Yeah!!!
So as you can see on this pics, we were in Washington DC. It was amazing, I can tell you, 4days are way not enough, just amazing. If you're living in Orlando, or let's say in the Commons, a city like Washington DC just impresses you more. Kind of, wow, real pubs...real shops, they had even an H&M (for those who don't know, kind of important boutique for peeps living in Paris or Germany ).
In general all the statues are just impressive. Like Mr. Franklin, didn't know he had such a cool jacket at that time , but the monument was just big, or Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Lincoln..just shortly after coming back from the trip I watched Wedding crashers, it was so exciting, they sat on the same spot like us, on the stairs of Mr. Lincoln overlooking the water and Washington Monument , but hey, isn't it forbidden to drink alcohol in the public in the states??? Always these unrealistic movie scenes
Oh yeah, what I also loved was the Arlington-Cemetry, though it was kind of depressive, I just can't help thinking, why all these unnecessary death during wars???? Sorry, it's just one of those thoughts you have on those places..with the tomb of the unknown soldier. And then the guards at that tomb, man, there are things just not going in my head.
However, it was impressive, all in all, and even hungarian traces to be found in the capitol,
okay so far to Washington DC, could take forever...
Add: Sorry, wanted to add more pics, f.ex. Arlington Cemetry, somehow it's not working

Tuesday, 31-Jul-2007 00:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lebanon, TN, July 20th-23rd, 2007

Nashville, town of music...
here with Tony
here with Hector
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So that was my weekend in July, the 20th until the 23rd July. I was in Lebanon in Tennessee. Actually I visited some friends I know from 2000. At that time they lived in Hillsborough in North Carolina. For work they had to move, within time my parents also moved. So somehow we lost contact. It's more than surprising that I found them in this little country of America. I looked up in the american yellow pages. And there was one Hector Geist with an adress in Lebanon. So I thought, I have nothing to loose, I write a postcard. On the postcard I wrote my emailadr, so they could write me back, so that I know it's them or not. What a surprise, I got a few weeks later a nice email from Debi, wow, thats cool. Just on the right time before I go to the USA.
So more or less in last time I decided to visit them at that week end. I didn't know, what we would do, just hanging out together, that was important to me. And that was, what we did.
Nashville was a bit farer away than I thought, but it was fun.
Friday Debi came to get me at the airport, we went to eat (spare ribs ) and then we went home. There I met the boys, goshes, they are grown up, I realized oh my god I am getting old
In the evening, Debi and me, we went to the cinema. We saw Hairspray, with John Travolta as a mum, gosh, for a long time I didn't lough that hard, for sure that I will get this movie on DVD. Really good.
Saturday we went to the Picnic, organized by the Company Hector is working for. Oh, by the way, Hector is not working anymore for Freudenberg. Since one year and a half he changed, and so that Saturday we went there, we did a lil' tour on a boat, Hector, Tony and me. Debi stayed at land, just like my mum, she is afraid of was fun, and I did get even a little sunburn on my arms, but don't worry, it didn't hurt.
In the evening we went to a parc in Nashville, we saw the Parthenon. It was already closed, but it was nice from the outside, just like in Paris ...
Then we were dining again, cute waiter , after that we just drove by car through the city, amazing by night, of course city of music, what do you think what they do by night? Yeah dancing and having fun, what else.
Sunday was day of shopping, weird for european, but normal in America. Debi and me went to the Grand Ole Opry, it's actually a hotel, but amazing. It's kind of an arcade whith a river inside, you can even do a boats tour on that river, with waterfall, with a suite, NY's presidential suite is small in comparison, for just 3900ยง per night...
and a convention center, amazing...with one hall twice the Time Square, NY's peeps know what I mean...
then we went to the mall just beside, man, I spent money, that it hurted afterwards, you can believe me, new shoes, new purse, souvenir for home, new trousers, new shirts, man, unbelievable, 't wasn't me
Monday again kind of a mall, there with a library, man, we don't have that in Orlando, I just breath the books, that's what I am missing here...
then Debi kindly brought me back to the airport, I wanted to be there in time, but the security check took me less then 10minutes. So I had time for a nice coffee and reading a journal.
It was funny and the same time weird to see them again, I liked it, it was different, well, I think people change within seven years, but we still had the same connections. By the way, DEBI, I am so sorry, do you know that somehow we forgot to take pics together, now I don't even have pics of you
I just wanted to thank you guys for your accomodation and everything you've done. It was really really nice to be there with you again. Although I slept quite long , ups, I really liked it.
Thanx, thanx again.....

Monday, 30-Jul-2007 23:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
July 24th, 2007: International Homeroommeeting

My french connection....
France learns, how you eat in Georgia...
Picture time, smile!!!!!!
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Well, this day was kind of special for us internationals, it was to the day exactly 3months, that we are here now at Guest Relations in the Magic Kingdom. Yeah, yeah, yeah....
Well, as every three months you have a meeting with your homeroommanager, here we had ours. We made it our way, an international meeting with whatelse, if not food?
We had everything: hungarian, mexican, french, japanese and american it was from New Jersey, Lousiana and Georgia...was that great,
by the way finally you got to see me in my costume, well not in the whole, just imagine, I wear to the veste a darkblue skirt...check out the pics.....

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